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Women Who Inspire Oranje - Tania Blanchard-artist

Wed Feb 2 2022

Tania Blanchard

A post that goes back to where it all truly began. Melinda had just completed the last of three uni degrees, was overseas modelling, travelling the world and absorbing as much art as she could with Graeme (now her husband) when she received a phone call about a job opening at a small design firm in Norwood. She returned and got the job. It was here she met Tania Blanchard.

They had a great rapport from the get-go. Both were so passionate about great design and working hard. The pair connected through their wicked sense of humour and as Tania remembers “having big, caring hearts”.

Fast forward and Tania has achieved milestones many artists only dream of, including hosting multiple exhibitions, owning her own art gallery and artwork hanging on the walls of celebrity homes (Amy Shark, Joel Parkinson, Shelley Craft, Aaron Finch and Curtis McGrath, to name a few) featuring in national design publications, and even making appearances on TV series including The Block!

Her friendship with Melinda has been an inspiration to Tania too, “Melinda’s home was surrounded by music, beautiful art pieces, modernist furniture. I remember being so inspired by her whole outlook on life. She also surrounded herself with incredibly artistic people. I think if you’re creative it comes out in you in all aspects of your life.”

Tania’s vision is to encourage people to see their own version of the story in her art, to create conversations, to stir emotions. When you think about it, this is what connects us people and what we need now more than ever. “My ultimate goal when I create is to make people feel something. If they experience an emotion or connection with the art, to me, that makes it a good piece of art” says Tania. Her striking, and somewhat mesmerizing pieces are a reflection of where art has been, where it is going and what you can do if you set your mind to it and believe in your passion.

Tania is a true inspiration and a true innovator in her field and in between creating these masterpieces of impasto colour is also raising three incredible children from her Burleigh Heads home on the Gold Coast.

Totally inspired … watching you, watching me.