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Mon Aug 22 2022

Sarah Walsh
Marketing Gun, Interim Executive Director and Long-Term Client

Melinda first crossed paths with Sarah Walsh all the way back in 2006. Melinda already held the account for National Pharmacies when a fresh-faced, friendly and passionate Sarah walked into the Marketing Coordinator role. It was the start of something special. The two worked closely to create many successful campaigns together, including the BrasOFF for Breast Cancer Research campaign, which Melinda developed.

Melinda became somewhat of a mentor to Sarah, pushing her out of her comfort zones when needed. Over the years the two stayed in touch as Sarah’s career evolved, working together where possible. Lately, Melinda enjoyed bearing witness to Sarah making a truly fearless move in her role as Interim Executive Director – Marketing, Communications and Engagement at Flinders University by encouraging the tertiary education provider to make the biggest change in its 56-year history. Sarah transformed the University’s branding, delivering a new logo and the unique ‘Fearless’ brand position. In an increasingly competitive environment, the brand has achieved clear cut-through due to its distinctiveness in the higher education sector and broader audience engagement through the Fearless Conversations series. Melinda was proud to contribute to the conversation.

Both women share a passion for females having access to opportunities in the marketing and creative industries. As a powerful advocate for females, this year Sarah invited Melinda to join Flinders Fearless Conversations series on the ‘Fearless women – breaking the bias’ panel. And, in Sarah’s words, before the conversation had even finished she said “You absolutely owned that”. Things had come full circle, with Sarah pushing Melinda out of her comfort zone, into public speaking.

Being a woman in creative industries IS about being fearless. Or about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Sarah Walsh is a brilliant example of this and we’re thrilled we’ve been able to work together so many times over the years. Here’s to a fearless few more!