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Wed Aug 31 2022

Rebecca Starling
Education Leader shining the light on everyone she meets

Sometimes in life, there’s an inexplicable light in someone that draws you to them. This is partially what happened when Melinda crossed paths with Rebecca Starling. Rebecca marries 24 years of teaching experience with her work as a family therapist and systemic practitioner to help schools and families think differently about the complex challenges they face.

It’s through her son’s schooling that Melinda was fortunate to meet Rebecca and see this light in her. What closely followed was a realisation that many of both Melinda’s and Rebecca’s past experiences and passions had been mirrored. Both had studied arts and music degrees, classical voice and performance. Both had worked with, or studied drama and acting with, the formidable Ann Peters at SA Casting. Both also share a fierce drive to show the positive affects of what happens when creativity meets education, to advocate a light to help learners and clients reimagine ways of thinking.

Amongst her many achievements and efforts toward supporting a better education system, Rebecca joined Bower Place as the Practitioner Lead for Bower Schools in 2022. The Bower method is a multidisciplinary approach, blending systems thinking from psychology, counselling, family therapy and conflict resolution with practical classroom strategies to address the central problem of inequality – the greatest constraint to change.

Melinda has been inspired by Rebecca’s empathy and warmth since the day they met – but her recent work with Bower Schools as a leader, a practitioner in Complex Needs Clinics, research and curriculum design – has left all of us at

Oranje Creative in awe. Oranje is now coming on board to further develop the Bower Schools brand and to promote it’s unique and innovative teaching methodologies. We can’t wait.

You are a light to so many people Rebecca, and we’re thankful you choose to shine it on everyone you meet.