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Women Who Inspire Oranje - Marketa Jedlik, Marketing Communications Director

Mon Jan 9 2022

Markéta Jedlik
Marketing Manager
National Pharmacies

Markéta Jedlik comes from an international retail marketing background. Her experience includes a role as Marketing Director at Bevendale Enterprises, where she established customer loyalty programs for internationally renowned hotels such as Delta, The Westin and Marriott plus generated 20% new business.

But her connection to Oranje Creative goes back to 2004 when she appointed Melinda Parent to the National Pharmacies account.

Over the years Markéta has shown an unwavering drive to support women in business and gave Oranje their break when she moved the entire creative account, from M&CSaatchi, Melbourne, to Oranje in 2005.

Markéta says “Within the first year of working with Melinda Parent, I decided to engage her to develop the National Pharmacies brand for our online retail environment as well as all of our retail pharmacy and optical stores nationally. Oranje continued to exceed our expectations in terms of creative design, exceptional level of service and their ability to remain cost effective no matter the level of involvement.
Together we developed the highly successful BrasOFF for Breast Cancer Research campaign. Something I’m very proud of”.

As Marketing Manager for National Pharmacies, Markéta collaborated with Melinda Parent to develop and manage a $1.5 million supplier-based promotional program that increased memberships.

Markéta and Melinda won the Australian Catalogue Awards several years in a row.

“The moment I saw Melinda Parent’s portfolio I knew I was looking at the work of a very creative mind that had a unique way of communicating complex ideas. It is Melinda’s ingenuity, relentless work ethic and clear vision for clients that gave rise to her agency, Oranje. Eighteen years on and I can’t wait to see what Oranje will embark on next”.

Besides Markéta’s incredible professional and personal achievements, she is a shining example of what can be achieved when women support each other through creative collaborations.