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My Best Foundation

Walford Anglican School for Girls changed my life. And not just as a student.

While it was wonderful to have been invited as a special guest speaker at a Walford Speech Night and share my story as an Old Scholar working in the creative industries, it’s Oranje’s ongoing connection to impact the lives of young women that makes me so passionate about the School. Oranje has held the creative account for Walford for over 10 years.

If you have been following our Women Who Inspire Oranje stories, you will probably have noticed Oranje’s purpose has always been to create content to accurately represent women. To create “woman-made” content that displays an easy, unconscious competence when it comes to marketing to women. A constructive, rather than critical, message. A freedom of creative self expression, reinforcing the fact that women are not about camouflaging or blending in.

And that was the rationale behind our ‘Her Best’ brand, developed for Walford. The creative shows empowered, energetic, confident, courageous, resilient but compassionate Walford students – encouraged to voice their opinions, take risks and realise their aspirations. To be ‘Her Best’ at whatever she chooses. To feel empowered for her future. To have the integrity to be herself. To make a difference. To have respect and empathy.

While not an ‘easy’ project, this one flowed for me, as it came straight from the heart of the experience I had at Walford.

I would not be where I am today without the direction, guidance and education I received at Walford and I will be forever grateful for the relationship we have.

Melinda Parent
Oranje’s Creative Director