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Mon Jan 9 2023

Deb Dalwood
Leading Educator and Forward Thinker 

Every thought is a seed – Bill Meyer.

Deb Dalwood plants seeds of thought within the entire community at Pulteney Grammar School, where she’s Deputy Principal – Advancement. From the students who are captivated by her every word, to the parents who feel connected and included in their child’s education, and the leadership team who are part of something far bigger than just a job. Deb is a progressive leader, educator and great listener… and has the kindest of hearts.

Deb and Melinda’s relationship is twofold – she has been Principal throughout Oranje’s work with St Andrew’s School AND throughout all of Melinda’s son Willem’s primary years at the School. They connected over their passion for education, both within themselves and their communities. Being able to see both sides of this kind, forward-thinking woman certainly made her one of the Women Who Inspire Oranje.

In an industry that could perhaps be characterised as averse to change, Deb is more than happy to charge toward it, provided it’s the right choice. She was open to and an advocate for the reinvigoration of the St Andrew’s School brand, when Oranje presented the “Where bright futures begin” campaign, in 2015.

The campaign is still going strong to this day. This is due, in part, to the fact that Deb worked with her team and developed the expectation among the entire School cohort that they ‘live’ the values of the School marketing and brand, with consistent messaging and communication.

Deb is a facilitator of relationships and has ensured past students still feel connected to their education. She revitalised the St Andrew’s Old Scholars Association to now have a committee, an annual Founder’s Day celebration and an Alumni Reunion Program. This sense of belonging has encouraged a strong ethic of philanthropy for the School which Melinda and our team have worked together with Deb to successfully promote and develop.

“Relationships are key to the educational process and a sense of belonging,” says Deb. And she lives by this every day. She calls every child by name.

We’re so thankful for our relationship with Deb and how this supports an inspiring community.

Apples have been connected with education for centuries, and Deb is certainly a good apple.